Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is this Shaun White around Oct 2007 ?

Dear Friends of Shaun White:

The picture I took of maybe Shaun White was in my apartment. Shaun had just gotten done looking threw one of my photo books of when I was trying to help the homeless in 1991 in Riverside, CA.

Shaun had just taken a picture of a homeless man which was in the photo book. I said, “O.K., now I get to take a picture of you two.” (Shaun and his friend).

I picked up my $7.00 throw away camera and snapped.

I didn’t know either one of them at the time. I honestly thought they were both overly camouflaged drug agents whom I happened to bump into while taking a walk. They both seemed like nice young men and fun to talk to. We went to my place to see my pictures and stuff. We left my place and where walking and, me doing most of the talking. Then Shaun’s friend whispered in my ear, “In the area of snow boarding he is kind of famous.

I just gave the friend a sympathy type smile and thought, drug agents.

The friend said, “How about I take a picture of you two together?”

I said “No, that’s o.k., how about I take a picture of you two?”

The friend said, “We got plenty of pictures of us.”

The friend suggested again, “Just go over there by Shaun (who was sitting on a rock I think) and I’ll take your picture.”

I did, I went into a kind of one legged kneel trying to look more rugged and distinguished then this Shaun, the drug agent.

That’s the truth as I see it, but now that I think about the details of the day I think the drug agents where who that claimed and just trying to be polite to an older man with some cool stories about his life.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

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